Massive Expansion of Ruakaka Town Centre
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The adjacent tavern property has now been purchased to allow Ruakaka Town Centre to be expanded to 4 times the present area, completing the whole block between Marsden Point Road and Takutai Place, Peter Snell Road and Sime Road.

The first stage of this expansion will bridge the Supermarket to the Library and Whangarei District Council office with shops and offices above. The shops will be built to suit Tenant requirements.

This will allow space for larger format stores including home furnishings and appliances, hardware and garden, electronics and a restaurant with a drive-through along with many smaller shops and professional offices. There is space reserved to move the SuperValue supermarket to a much larger new store when they outgrow their present space. The current Supervalue store has been expanded in 2009, just 2 years after it opened.

Parking will be easy with more than 630 carparks.

This expansion is required to meet the needs of the Ruakaka community, which is forecast to increase from 3150 in the 2007 census to 9,000 in 2017.

Existing shops will enjoy being part of the growing Ruakaka community, with all the business opportunities that this expansion will bring.

Location, Location, Location

Ruakaka Town Centre is located close to the main residential area of Ruakaka for the convenience of our customers.

Design Concepts for Stage 4 - 11 Shops and Upstairs Offices

Viewed from new Marsden Point Road entrance, with the SuperValue Supermarket at right hand side

Viewed from Takutai Place Extn, with new Ruakaka Community Hub at left hand side

Click here for: Detailed Development Plan - pdf 1.6MB

The Town Centre integrates with the other facilities in the block: the Police Station and Kindergarten along with the new Library and Whangarei District Council Service Centre now open on Takutai Place.

The Council sale of the land to expand the Town Centre shows their commitment to sensible planning with Bream Bay College, the Recreation Centre and Ruakaka Tavern all adjacent. It is by far the largest block in the area zoned business 3 for retail shopping development - refer to WDC Business 3 for details.

Looking further ahead, the location is central to all existing residential areas and new subdivisions along Peter Snell Road, Marsden Point Road and in One Tree Point. These new subdivisions will be necessary to house all the workers and their families for the industrial and export industry expansion on land closer to the Oil Refinery and the deep-water Port Marsden.

The growth of Ruakaka will be driven by new industries moving into the area. There is an abundance of land for varying activities including residential, light industrial, heavy industrial and export/import facilities using the port, that developers are converting from farming. Further expansion will come when the rail link is connected through to the main trunk line to handle the increasing volumes of logs, woodchips, wood panels and other bulk commodities.

Developers offering industrial land include:

  • Marsden Maritime Holdings
  • Lakeside Business Park
  • If you would like to be part of the region's main commercial centre, please
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